3 Places You Must Go With Your Friends In University

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University life is the stepping stone that will help you make an impact when you finally leave to enter what all the adults around you are so fond of referring to as ‘the real world.’ So, basically, this is your last chance at living the happy, carefree life before you finally have to enter the world of routines and meeting daily workloads that can seriously get you down.

That being the case, maybe it is time you decided to travel around with your friends while you still can, since you are enrolled at University. That or you could wait to retire and globetrot in your sixties. The latter may not be such a bad idea, but in your twenties and even thirties, while you are still enrolled at university, you deserve the chance to live the good life while you can actually enjoy it to the fullest. So get your travelling bags out and pack up. Great tourist guide for the UK, in form of YouTube video could be found on foreign-students related channels, and all those videos getting video likes from a good company, so they are more visible during the searches.

Travelling In The UK

At the risk of appearing more like a travel guide than anything else, allow us to tell you one thing: you do not need to go abroad to travel with  ilimoww.com and enjoy yourself. You can do it right here in the United Kingdom. If you still need convincing because you are worried about completing all those essays that your teachers set you to complete over the vacations, do not worry! Just hire Essay Writers UK to help you out while you go and enjoy yourself. Here is a list of the three places you definitely need to visit at once!

  • Bristol

Whether you are a history buff who wants to revisit all the places you only read about in history books, or you are someone who enjoys visiting in the hustle bustle of cities, Bristol is the right place for you. This area is so diverse, and has so many activities that anyone who comes to the area will be able to find something that will interest them and they can enjoy their entire visit to the maximum.  The two best things about Bristol are its vibrant food culture and the hipster vibe that you could easily enjoy. If that appeals to you, Bristol is the one place you should be going to!

  • The Lake District

From Jane Austen to date, writers and poets alike have raved about the beauty of Lake District, and seriously, what is not to like here? A beautiful place, with lots of great mountains where you could hike, enjoy nature, and rejuvenate your strength all in one go. The Lake District national park is one of the best areas if old school is more your style. Head down to one of the local pubs and enjoy your break to the fullest!

  • South Dorset

A staycation with great seaside locations, excellent seafood, lots of outdoor adventures and some of the most amazing landscape that you could hope for, South Dorset is one location you should certainly not pass up on.

So what are you waiting for? Pack up and head out! Happy traveling!